LG Washer 


When your LG washing machine needs a little upkeep, use replacement parts that are specifically designed for its needs. 

Here we will address common issues that may arise and LG washer replacement parts that are available for purchase. 

To find the LG parts you need, browse the replacement parts below. 

LG Washing Machine Product Issues

- Control panel issues

- Leaking

- Noises

- Dispenser Issues

- Odor/buildup

- Vibrations

- Long Spin Time

- Cabinet Issues

- Long Wash TIme

- Door Issues


Here is a video showing the 5 most common issues with washing machines.



Common Error Codes

 Error IE

Water Inlet error

Indicates a problem with water supply. Possible causes for this include: 

  • Water supply taps are not completely open
  • A kink in the inlet hose(s)
  • The filter of the hose(s) are clogged.

    Error DE
  • Draining Error

    If the water has not drained within 5 minutes, DE (Draining Error) will appear. The drain hose being kinked or clogged, or the drain filter being clogged could cause this.

    Error UE
    Unbalanced Error

    This means that the load is too small, over loaded, or out of balance - the appliance has an imbalance detection & correction system. It will attempt to correct the imbalance itself, but it fails, it will display the UE error. You can adjust the size of load or rearrange the load to correct the error.

    Error DE
    Door Open Error

    This error with appear if you try to press start while the washing machine door is still open.

    Error tE, TE1, TE2, TE3, TE4

    Heating Error 

    There is an issue with thermistor. Please unplug the machine & contact us.

    Error FE

  • Overflow Error

     Water is overfilling to a fault with the water valve. Please close the water tap, unplug the power and contact us.



 McCombs Supply is here to assist with any of your LG washing machine needs. Our focus is to keep your washing machine running and performing at its best. Our high-quality after market and manufacturer approved replacement parts work perfectly with your LG washing machine like these popular models. 

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Common Questions about Washing Machines 

- The Water in my washer's warm cycle isn't very warm. Why?

- How many clothes can I put into the washer?

- How can I get rid of residual soap suds at the end of a cycle?

- What is the washing machine drum size?

Why does the machine not take the fabric conditioner during the cycle?

- During a spin cycle, there seems to be a lot of noise and the door moves a lot. What can I do to stop this?

-  My machine is leaking and I've found water underneath the unit. It does not seem to be coming from the door, dispenser or filter casing. How can I stop this from happening?

- An error code has come up on my washing machine. How do I find out what it means?


If you are experiencing any problems with your LG washing machine, such as the issues listed above, reach out to your local home contractor or handyman. If you are not sure who to trust, contact McCombs Supply Co. and we'll help you find one. We want to ensure that your appliances are performing at their best. We stock a wide variety of the best replacement parts to fit your LG washing machine needs. 

LG Washing Machine Parts We Carry:

- Washing machine suspension rod

- Washing machine drain pump

- Washing machine water valve

- Washing machine striker

- Washing machine gasket

- Washing machine drain hose

- Washing machine timer

- Washing machine agitator shaft seal

- Washing machine lid switch

- Washing machine timer knob

- Washing machine pressure water switch

- Washing machine motor

- Washing machine water solenoid valve


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