Defrost Controls

We have the defrost control you need to repair your refrigerator. In a refrigerator, there is a part called the evaporator coil that accumulates frost. In some refrigerators, the compressor, which moves cold refrigerant through the evaporator coil, has an off cycle that is sufficient to allow the evaporator coil to defrost; other refrigerators use a defrost timer to periodically initiate a longer shutoff cycle. And other refrigerators use heaters to actively melt the frost off the evaporator coil as well as warm the drain pan where the defrost condensate collects so that it does not refreeze as it drains from the refrigerator.

We stock defrost controls that time and initiate the defrost cycle in your commercial refrigerator or freezer, including walk-in coolers and freezers. Be sure to find out the specifications of your refrigeration or freezer system or appliance so you can select the correct defrost control.