Garbage Disposals

When garbage disposals break down, it can cause a lot of problems for the businesses or families that need them. Those problems can lead to some serious headaches, from a restaurant getting a clogged sink that makes it impossible to wash dishes to a family spending their already tight budget on getting it fixed or replaced. In these situations, choosing the right replacement garbage disposal or appliance repair part––and the best parts supply company to provide it––can be far more complex than it first appears. That's why McCombs Supply Co., Inc. works hard to provide you with the best repair parts and replacement garbage disposals. Check out our inventory below.

Identifying the correct part is important for the proper operation of your appliance. When replacing a defective part, uninstall the part and locate the numbers off the item to properly cross reference it to a replacement part. Enter the numbers in the search bar to check if we have the item or Contact us.

We carry a wide range of Garbage Disposals and their replacement parts, but we also carry useful tools and accessories such as the Alligetter Garbage Disposal Retrieval System to help you safely remove items that fell into the disposal's blades. Safety first!

Replacement Garbage Disposals & Repair Parts