Capacitors are used to store electric charge. Most capacitors sold here at McCombs Supply are manufactured under the Packard, Titan PRO™ and Supco brands. Titan PRO™ is built from quality, proprietary materials such as a heavy edge Al/Zn polypropelene film, which helps prevent the degrading effects which may otherwise cause premature failure.

  • When device receives to much electricity, the capacitor will burst. When a capacitor fails, you will usually notice a bubble in the housing.
  • Capacitors hold an electrical charge. To avoid being electrocuted, it is important to discharge the capacitor before handling it. To discharge a capacitor, with the appliance unplugged, use a metal screw driver with an insulated handle to short across the terminals of the capacitor.
  • Watch the video, at left, on Packard Capacitor Training.

You will find on this website run capacitors ranging from 2mfd through 100mfd in 370 and 440 volts. Both round and oval in shape. Start capacitors range from 21mfd through 1000mfd in 125, 165, 250 and 330 volts. All start  capacitors are round in shape and have a plastic housing.


We also have the following capacitor testers for sale.

Supco MFD10 Digital Capacitor Tester, Ranges from .01 - 10000 mfd's

Packard CT1 Digital Capacitor Tester, Ranges from 20 MF to 200PF

Both are battery operated.



Capacitor Products