You have to love your refrigerator because, when working properly, it keeps your food and beverages cooled at the correct temperature. A refrigerator functioning correctly will help reduce food spoilage. A part is needed If your refrigerator calls it quits and does not function properly. We have high quality parts to fit most makes and models. Refrigerator parts that you will find on this website include: control boards, defrost heaters, defrost thermostats, door bins, door gaskets, evaporator fan motors, handles, ice makers, water valves, thermostats, and water filters.

Refrigerator Tips

  • Is the food in your freezer frozen but the food in your refrigerator warm? Check for frost build up in the freezer wall if frost is present then check the defrost heater, timer and thermostat.
  • The icemaker does not work/is not making ice? With a volt meter you can check to see if you have 115v (voltage may vary depending on the voltage in the house). Remove the front cover and on letters L and N on the face of the icemaker, check to see if you have the voltage to the icemaker. If yes, then check if your water valve is good by taking a piece of insulated wire about 2-3" long and strip both ends about a 1/4". Jump letters L and V on the face of the icemaker and see if you get water in the maker, if you do then the icemaker needs replaced. If you do not, then you have a bad water valve.
  • Does the water valve have screw on connections? The manufacturer has changed the connections on the valve to quick connects, as opposed to the threaded ones. Just cut off the nuts on the tubing making sure it is a clean cut and insert the tubing into the valve. It should stay and not leak. Watch this video on Fridge Water Inlet Valve Replacement.
  • Cleaning the coils under your refrigerator will help with the efficiency and operation of your unit. Click here for an easy to use affordable brush and watch this video for of the features and benefits of using this brush.
  • When opening your refrigerator or freezer door, a light should come on. If the light does not turn on, there may not be power to your refrigerator.

Not sure you should DIY this issue? We can help you find a trustworthy and reliable handyman, read our repairman guide.

Contact us to identify and find the correct part(s) for your model. We will need to know the Manufacturer, model number, serial number of your unit, and the part you are looking for.(Model numbers are typically located inside the refrigerator section near the light bulb.)

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