The Best Solution for Faster Smoke and Odor Removal

Every kitchen needs ventilation. HERE’S WHY. The fact is, the kitchen is a primary source of poor indoor air quality. Excessive moisture, smoke, and air-borne particulate quickly infiltrates every room in your home. Indoor air can be up to 100 times more polluted than outside air, which means adequate ventilation is critical to a more comfortable and healthier environment. Broan-NuTone has performance matched ventilation solutions for every cooking style and the type of appliance beneath it. Whether it’s a focal point in your kitchen, or concealed in custom cabinetry, trust Broan-NuTone—the leader in residential ventilation—to provide the optimal solution.


These Range Hood Filters are designed to trap grease and neutralize odors, depending on the type of filter (aluminum or charcoal).

Please match up the size of the filter, or give us a call at 717-299-3866 to match it up for you before ordering.