How to Safely Use Capacitors and Save Some Money

How to Safely Use Capacitors and Save Some Money

Posted by McCombs on 1st Dec 2022

Capacitors are a feature in almost all of the circuits used in the modern world. Along with inductors and resistors, capacitors are among the basic passive components that are foundational to the function of electronics.More specifically, a capacitor is a device that has the ability to store energy in an electric field. Like batteries, capacitors can hold a charge, but unlike batteries they typica … read more

Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips You Need To Follow

Posted by McCombs on 3rd Mar 2022

How to Keep Your Garbage Disposal Running SmoothlyHomeowners do not usually think about their garbage disposal when it’s working fine, but it is something that is impossible to ignore when it is broken. Of course, the most obvious consequence of a broken disposal is the fact that it can’t be used to dispose of food waste, which is a major inconvenience, but there are more serious problems that can … read more

Oven Safety Surface Elements

24th Jun 2021

Safety Surface Elements Cooking accidents cause half of all house fires in the United States, as well as about a third of all nonresidential building fires, according to statistics collected by the U.S. Fire Administration . Besides the immediate risk of injury and loss of life, fires can incur great monetary costs in property damage. Furthermore, accidental fires can lead to … read more

Water Valves in the Home: Maintenance & Replacement

Posted by McCombs on 24th May 2021

Ever wonder how water gets delivered to your home? Why do we use faucets in sinks, a different type of handle in showers, and yet another in outdoor spigots? And how does water get into washing machines and dishwashers at the right time and leave the house in the proper pipe? Once you start examining the plumbing in a home, the intricacy and complexity are astounding. Most people realize … read more
All the Motors in Your Home & How to Maintain Them

All the Motors in Your Home & How to Maintain Them

Posted by McCombs on 25th Nov 2020

The modern American home is a mechanical marvel. Not only is it powered by electricity, but it also is able to move clean water in and dirty water out. It can heat up certain parts of the home, such as a dryer or an over, while also cooling in other places, such as freezers or air conditioners. The average U.S. home contains a multitude of machines designed to chop, cool, cook, wash, dry, steam, … read more