When you only have a few minutes to cook, the microwave comes in handy. Common brands for microwaves include GE, Frigidaire, Panasonic, Maytag, LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool.

Microwave Tips

  • Is the tray not rotating? Remove the tray and check the coupling that connects the motor to the tray. If the coupling appears good, the motor may be bad. Important: Before checking or change any parts in the microwave, disconnect the power.
  • I need to replace the door handle on my 'Over the Range' microwave so how does the door come apart? There is a door trim on the inside of the microwave door that can come off to expose the screws for the handle. This trim is held in place by clips (some older models may also have screws which will need to be removed). Remove the trim (note: the tabs on the trim can break easily so be patient and try using a putty knife). The trim can be pushed so the clips will "pop" back into place after you have replaced the door handle.
  • IMPORTANT: High voltage is always present in the microwave during operation. Before attempting any repair, unplug the appliance and discharge the high voltage at the capacitor. Capacitors hold an electrical charge. To avoid being electrocuted, it is important to discharge the capacitor before handling it. To discharge a capacitor, with the appliance unplugged, use a metal screw driver with an insulated handle to short across the terminals of the capacitor.

Contact us to identify and find the correct part(s) for your model. We will need to know the Manufacturer, model number, serial number of your unit, and the part you are looking for. (Model numbers are typically located inside the microwave.)

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