Whether it’s the LintEater, SootEater, GutterSweep, or the NEW Dryer Vent Made Easy, Gardus has you covered with a variety of products designed to make the maintenance of your home safer, simpler, and easier. Gardus has engineered innovative rotary cleaning products, and streamlined dryer venting, to remove the hassle from routine maintenance and installation projects. 

Tired of losing valuable space in your laundry room to bulky flex-pipe dryer venting? Gardus has the solution! Reclaim lost inches of space in your laundry area while positioning your dryer tightly to the venting wall with Dryer Vent Made Easy. Increase efficiency, save money, ensure safety, and reduce your risk of dryer fires today!

If your dryer vent, chimney, or gutters need cleaning…. Gardus gets the job done with POWER provided by your cordless drill! Keep your dryer working safely and efficiently; maintain your wood stove and fireplace chimney without the dangers of climbing on a roof; clean your gutters from the ground up! 

Safety, convenience, and the satisfaction of getting the job done … that’s what we call Home Solutions Built Better with Gardus.