50E47-843 Universal HSI Ignition Control Module for 50F47 HS780-17NL


Product Description

White-Rodgers 50E47-843 Non-integrated HSI Ignition Module.

The universal 50E47-843 replaces ALL White-Rodgers 50E47-XXX Module and virtually ALL competitive Silicon carbide, non-integrated modules.

Includes a complete module cross reference and program keys for a accurate replacement.

Features Program keys for multiple timint selections Tri-colored LED indicator for diagnostics Direct and indirect flame sense compatible Universal design for maximum versatility.

Replaces:  White-Rodgers  50E47/50F47-1 THRU 79, 50E47/50F47-101 THRU 179, 50E47/50F47-201 THRU 279, 50E47/50F47-301 THRU 379  Honeywell  S89C 1004, S89C 1012, S89C 1046, S89C 1087, S89C 1103, S89D 1002, S89G 1005, S89G 1013, S89G 1021, S89G 1047, S89H 1003, S89H 1011, S89H 1029, S89J 1008, S890C 1007, S890D 1006, S890G 1003, S890G 1011, S890G 1029, S890G 1037, S890H 1002, S890H 1010, S890H 1028  Robertshaw  HS780-17NL-104A, HS780-17NL-106A, HS780-17NL-108A,HS780-17NL-304A, HS780-17NL-306A, HS780-17NL-308A, HS780-17NR-104A, HS788-17NR-104A, HS780-17NR-106A, HS780-17NR-108A, HS780-17NR-304A, HS780-17NR-306A, HS780-17NR-308A, HS780-17NR-312A, HS780-17PL-106A, HS780-17PL-108A, HS780-17PL-304A, HS780-17PL-306A, HS780-17PL-308A, HS780-17PR-104A, HS780-17PR-108A, HS780-17PR-306A, HS780-34NL-106A, HS780-34NL-108A, HS780-34NL-304A, HS780-34NL-306A, HS780-34NL-308A, HS780-34NL-312A, HS780-34NR-104A, HS780-34NR-106A, HS780-34NR-304A, HS780-34NR-306A, HS780-34NR-308A, HS780-34NR-312A, HS780-34PL-104A, HS780-34PL-106A, HS780-34PL-108A, HS780-34PL-304A, HS780-34PL-306A, HS780-34PL-308A, HS780-34PR-106A, HS780-34PR-108A, HS780-34PR-304A, HS780-34PR-306A, HS780-34PR-308A.

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