Robertshaw Gas Cooking Heating Thermopile 60" MilliVolts MV 1950-560

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Product Description

Robertshaw Thermopile Part number 1950-560 Rated for 250-750 MilliVolts mV. 60" Leads For Gas Cooking and Heating Applications. Robertshaw thermopiles are the industry leader for gas appliance applications. Their primary function is to ensure a standing pilot light is operative so that on a call for heat, the main burner gas will be properly ignited. Thermopiles are placed in gas applications to detect the existence of a flame for safety purposes by shutting off the potential gas flow to a burner. A thermopile is the assembly of many thermocouples to increase the millivolt output. Robertshaw thermopiles have two types of connections: coaxial and two-wire spade connectors. The 1950 thermopiles, also known as TP-75, are two-wire spade connectors. The 1951 thermopiles, also known as CP-2 (500-600 millivolts) are coaxial connectors.

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