Dear Santa

Posted by By Eric G. Stark on 20th Dec 2017

Dear Santa, I've been good except ...

Dear Santa,

I have been a good boy this year, except for breaking the thermostat in our house. 

I was imitating Phil from the TV show "Modern Family" and kicking off my sneakers. The first sneaker hit the ceiling. The second one hit the thermostat on the wall, cracking it into two pieces. 

My father called it a one and million shot. 

1E78-144 thermostat

I broke the cover and the switch that turns the furnace on and off. The furnace turned on and kept running. 

My mommy called daddy at his  Bareviille-Leola-Leacock Lions Club meeting. He was angry. I cried. 

Daddy turned off the circuit breaker for the furnace. It stopped running. This was good. 

He turned the breaker back on, but the furnace would not start again. This was bad. 

The house was getting cold. That was bad. The furnace also warms the water for shower. 

If the water does not heat up that means my daddy would be taking a cold shower. That is bad. Maybe in the summer, but now daddy did not want a cold shower. 

The old thermostat had mercury. That was bad. It didn't spill. That was good.  

Daddy called his friend, Dave, from  Calvary Church. Dave knows how to fix thermostats. 

He told us to call  McCombs Supply and told us what thermostat we needed. 

Daddy bought a  1E78-144 thermostat for $30.25. Dave installed it and the furnace started working, turning on and off. 

McCombs has a large inventory of  wall thermostats and thermostats for dryers and refrigerators and other appliances.

The people at McCombs should be on your nice list. They are helpful when you call them at 800-732-0499 with a question. They have replacement parts for washing machines, dryers, ovens, refrigerators and so much more. Oh, and they have tons of motors. 

Daddy said their website at is easy to use and I like the blog on "12 days of Christmas." They used appliance parts for the days in the song and have a photo of The Muppets. 

I wrote thank you letters to Ken McCombs III and Dave. Thanking them that daddy did not have to take a cold shower. 

Oher than the thermostat, I've been a good boy and would like a robot for Christmas. 

                                                                                                         Thank you, Jesse Stark (age 7) 



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