Pellet Stove Replacement Brush Set by Gardus PBS212 for Rotary Cleaning System

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Product Description

 The Pellet Stove Replacement Brush Set is designed to replace worn pellet stove cleaning brushes on the Gardus SootEater Pellet Stove Rotary Cleaning System. Engineered to remove dangerous soot and ash buildup better than a wire brush, the Pellet Stove Replacement Brush Set won’t scratch metal flues and fits through tight areas. Help prevent flue fires and save money while doing so. It’s easy when cleaning with Gardus power! 


  • Replaces Worn Pellet Stove Brushes on the Gardus SootEater Rotary Pellet Stove Cleaning System [RPS Series]
  • Removes Dangerous Soot and Creosote Build-Up
  • Won’t Scratch Metal Vents
  • Fits Through Tight Areas
  • Includes: 1 Qty. 3"-Diameter Propeller Brush; 1 Qty. 4"-Diameter Propeller Brush

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