50D50-843 White Rodgers Furnace Spark Igniton Module Replaces Honeywell S8610U


Product Description

White Rodgers Universal Intermittent Pilot, Non-Integrated Spark Ignition Module number 50D50-843.

Microcomputer Based Gas Ignition & Primary Safety Control Designed for Interrupted

Spark and Burner Supervision of All Gases Used in Gas Fired Appliance Applications.


  •   Field service replacement for most Honeywell, Robertshaw, Johnson Controls
  •  and UTEC Intermittent Pilot Ignition Controls.
  •   Provides ignition, proof of ignition and precise timing.  Color LED indicator
  •   Kit Includes:
  •  Program Keys
  •  Double-Sided Foam Back Tape (for ease of installation)
  •  Extensive Cross-Reference Guide
  •  Color-Coded Timing Label
  •  Pre-Printed Hanging Carton
  •  Instructions in English/Instrucciones en Espaol

  The 50D50-843 Universal Module Replaces the Following SPARK Intermittent Pilot Modules:

  •  Camstat
  •  IPI-24-00
  •  Fenwal
  •  05-203025-005, 05-203026-005


780-001, 780-002, 780-003, 780-845, 780-715, 780-735, 780-736, 780-737, SP715, SP715A, SP735, SP735D, SP735L, USI715U


780-001, 780-002, 780-003, 780-845, 780-715, 780-735, 780-736, 780-737, SP715, SP715A, SP735, SP735D, SP735L, USI715U

 Johnson Controls

CSA35A-617R, CSA35A-618R, CSA42A-600R, CSA42A-601R, CSA42A-602R, CSA42A-603R, CSA42A-604R, CSA43A-600R CSA44A-600R, CSA45A-601R, CSA45A-602R, CSA46A-600R, CSA48A-600R, CSA49A-600R, CSA49A-605R, CSA51A-601R, CSA52A-600R G60AAA-1, G60AAG-1, G60AAG-2, G60AAG-3, G60AAG-4, G60AAG-5, G60AAG-6, G60AAG-7. G60CAA-1, G60CAA-3, G60CAG-1, G60CAG-2, G60CAG-3 G60CAG-4, G60CAG-5, G60CAG-6, G60CAG-7, G60CAG-8, G60CAG-9, G60CBA-1, G60CBA-2, G60CBA-3, G60CBG-1. G60CBG-10, G60CBG-11 G60CBG-12, G60CBG-13, G60CBG-14, G60CBG-15, G60CBG-16, G60CBG-17, G60CBG-2, G60CBG-3, G60CBG-4, G60CBG-5, G60CBG-6, G60CBG-7, G60CBG-8, G60CBG-9 G60CCA-1, G60CCG-1, G60CPG-1, G60DBG-1, G60DCG-1, G60DCG-2, G60DCG-3, G60DCG-4, G60PAG-1, G60PAG-2, G60PAG-3, G60PAG-4 G60PAG-5, G60PAG-6, G60PAJ-1, G60PAK-1, G60PAK-2, G60PFH-1, G60PFH-2, G60PFL-1, G60PFQ-1, G60PVL-1, G60QAG-2, G60QAG-3, G60QAK-1 G60QBG-1, G60QBG-2, G60QBG-3, G60QBG-4, G60QBG-5, G60QBG-6, G60QBG-7, G60QBG-8, G60QBG-9, G60QBH-1, G60QBK-1, G60QBK-3, G60QBL-1 G60QBL-2, G60QCG-1, G60QCJ-1, G60QCL-1, G60QDG-1, G60QFL-1, G60QHL-1, G60QJL-1, G60QLG-1, G60QPL-1, G60QRH-1, G60QRL-1 G60QRL-2, G60QRL-3, G60QSL-1, G60QTH-1, G60QTL-1, G60RAG-1, G60RAK-1, G60RBG-1, G60RBG-2, G60RBG-3, G60RBK-1, G60RBK-2, G60RCG-2 G60RCJ-1, G60RDG-1, G60RDK-1, G60RGL-1, G60RHL-1, G60RHP-1, G60RPL-1, G60RSL-1, G60ZAG-1, G65BBG-1, G65BBG-2, G65BBG-3, G65BBG-4 G65BBG-5, G65BBG-6, G65BBG-7, G65BBG-8, G65BBM-1, G65BBM-2, G65BBM-3, G65BBM-4, G65BCG-1, G65BCM-1, G65BFG-1, G65BFM, G65BKG-1 G65BKG-2, G65BKG-3, G65BKM-1, G65BKM-2, G65BKM-3, G65BLG-1, G65BLG-2, G65DBG, G65DBM-1, G65DBM-2, G65DBM-3, G65DCM-1, G65DFG G65DFM-1, G65DKG, G65DKM, G65DKM-1, G65DLM-1, G65FBG, G65FFG, G65FKG, G66AG-1, G66AG-2, G66BG-1, G66MG-1, G66MG-2, G66NG-1 G67AG-3, G67AG-4, G67AG-7, G67AG-8, G67AG-9, G67AG-10, G67AG-11, G67BG-2, G67BG-3, G67BG-4, G67BG-5, G67MG-1, G67MG-2, G67MG-3, G67MG-4 G67NG-2, G67NG-4, G600AX-1, G600AX-2, G600AX-3, G600AY-1, G600LX-1, G600LX-2, G600LY-1, G600MX-1, G600NX-1, G600RX-1, G670AW-1, G670AW-2, G770LGA-1 G770LGA-2, G770LGC-1, G770LGC-2, G770LGC-3, G770LGC-4, G770LHA-1, G770LHA-2, G770LHC-1, G770MGA-1, G770MGA-2, G770MGC-1, G770MGC-2 G770MGC-3, G770MGC-4, G770MGC-5, G770MGC-6, G770MHA-1, G770MHA-2, G770MHC-1, G770NGA-1, G770NGC-4, G770NGC-5, G770NGC-6, G770NGC-7 G770NHA-1, G770NHC-1, G770RGA-1, G770RHA-1, G770RHA-2, G775RGA-1, G775RHA-1, G775RHA-2, Y79ABC-1, Y79ABC-2, Y79ABC-3, Y79ABC-4 Y79ABC-5, Y79ABC-6, Y79ABC-7, Y79ABD-1, Y79ABD-2, Y79BBA-1, Y79BBA-2, G779 


50D49-150, 50D49-350, 50D49-360, 50D49-361, 50D49-401

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